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Press release

Innovation in e-business: Internet lottery

30 June 2000

Six matching numbers - now available via Internet: Pilot customers can take part in the regular Swiss Lotto and Joker draws via Internet around the clock using cashless payment methods. The Internet Swiss Lotto (ISL) project was set up by Swisscom for the Swiss Lottery Company. Yet another innovative e-business project implemented by Swisscom.

Internet Swiss Lotto is an easy-to-use, electronic kiosk that is directly linked to the systems of the Sport Toto company. Players can take part around the clock - regardless of where they are.

Each player registers online or offline with Swiss Lotto. Customer data is checked using the electronic telephone directory during online registration. Players who are not entered in the electronic telephone directory can register via the Swisscom Backoffice and receive personal user identification by post. A registered participant can now choose between normal and system participation in the same way as at a point of sales and complete the electronic slip using Quick-Tip. The magic game and a Tipp-Generator are also available in the ISL.

Payments are processed in the ISL via the Internet. The player purchases a certain number of games which are credited to a games account (Wallet). Payment is made online via credit card or via postgiro account (Yellownet). The maximum value that the games account may contain is CHF 9,999. The games account can also be topped up offline using a paying-in slip. A maximum of CHF 20,000 may be spent on games per month.

Provided that the player has credit in his games account, he can send his electronic slip to the Sport-Toto company┬┤s game system. The maximum stake per game (more than one game may be played) is CHF 6,400. Small wins are credited to the games account in the form of game slips. Wins in excess of CHF 50 must be claimed from the Sport Toto company as with normal games.

Berne, 30 June 2000


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