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Swisscom reduces leased-line charges by up to 30 percent

20 June 2000

Swisscom will lower charges for the Private Line national and Private Line national Plus leased-line services on 1 August. Charges will be reduced by up to 30% depending on transmission capacity and the length of the line.

The new charges will be determined by the distance between the points of termination as well as transmission capacity. These charge reductions, which can, for example, reach up to 30% for 2 Mbps Private Line national lines, make Swisscom´s data lines among the most attractively priced - even by international comparison. The customary high standards of quality and availability will be maintained.

Both existing and new customers will benefit from the lower charges from 1 August. The charge reductions introduced in December 1999 specifically for the most important economic centres will be extended. Connections between and within Switzerland´s 10 most important economic centres will cost up to 20% less. These include areas such as Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basle, Lausanne, Lucerne and Lugano.

Sustained growth, particularly for leased lines with high transmission capacity between two economic centres, results in optimised network capacity utilisation. This benefit is passed on in lower charges. Swisscom can offer its customers a comprehensive range of services, in addition to a reliable infrastructure and an attractive price/performance ratio.

Leased or dedicated lines are used in corporate communications for transmitting data, voice, images and video. Data communication is becoming increasingly important and a crucial corporate success factor. Leased lines provide a guaranteed capacity, transparent, protocol-independent data transmission, high quality and availability and maximum protection against external access. They are the ideal solution for point-to-point connections or for networking business branches with regional or main headquarters.

Berne, 20 June 2000


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