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Press release

Swisscom Repairs Service Centre in Neuchatel has a new owner

29 September 2000

On the 1st of November 2000 Swisscom will hive off its Repairs Service Centre (SCR) in Neuchatel to the French A Novo Group, more specifically to A Novo Schweiz S.A., a planned new subsidiary of the A Novo Group. The change of ownership will not affect the location of the company and its present headcount of 36 permanent staff will expand in the medium term in line with business diversification. The activities of SCR Neuchatel are not part of Swisscom"s core business.

The Repairs Service Centre (SCR) in Neuchatel has been in operation since 1993. Thanks to consistent process and cost management, SCR has successfully established itself as a consummately professional after-sales service provider for mobile telecommunications terminals and has also extended its range of services. Between 1999 and 2000 the business was reorganised and became a profit centre within Swisscom with responsibility for its own results. SCR Neuchatel is the only Swisscom repair centre for mobile terminals. It also handles the repair of mobile telecommunications terminals of prominent manufacturers.

The sale of SCR in Neuchatel will enable both Swisscom and SCR itself to focus on their respective core businesses. With SCR´s acquisition by the European market leader in its field, SCR will have greater opportunity to deploy its specialised know-how and innovative strength. And, as an independent company, A Novo Schweiz AG will be better placed to acquire mandates outside Swisscom.

SCR in Neuchatel employs 36 permanent staff and between 10 to 20 temporary staff. The A Novo Group is offering all permanent employees a new contract under the same terms and conditions as at present. These terms and conditions are guaranteed for one year.

A NOVO, a technical and technological services and support provider for high-tech products, is the partner of major international operators and manufacturers in 4 convergence industries: video communication, telecommunications, payment systems and IT.

Listed on Paris´ new market stock exchange since April 1999, A NOVO is active in 14 countries. Since its quotation, the company´s revenues have increased 6 fold and market capitalisation 10 fold. A NOVO aims to achieve revenues of 445 million Euros for 2000/2001 based on its solid performance both domestically and abroad (16 acquisitions and outsourcing contracts since December 1999). A NOVO is aiming for strong development of its activities in Switzerland.

Bern, 29 September 2000


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