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Profession with a future: the first Swiss

22 September 2000

At Swisscom, the leading Swiss telecoms concern, a total of 183 young people have completed apprenticeships this summer, some with excellent results. More than a third of the successful apprentices are going on to university - a tribute to the quality of the training offered at Swisscom. The six mediamaticians who have successfully completed their apprenticeships are the first in this new profession in Switzerland. Swisscom has played a key role in launching this new area of expertise.

Mediamaticians are all-rounders who know the ins and outs of all aspects of the telecommunications industry. Their job is to examine customer requirements , then to develop and offer tailor-made solutions encompassing equipment, systems and services. Mediamaticians have a good general education, are interested in computers and new media and are open and communicative. In the first two years of the apprenticeship they are given a broad basic training which is then expanded through practical experience on-site in the third year.

With its wide range of highly professional apprenticeship training, Swisscom sets the standard for the whole of the telecommunications industry. At the present time 805 apprentices are with the company, around 4.5% of headcount. Swisscom´s latest batch of apprentices have recently started their training in a range of fields - electronics (26 new apprentices), IT (83), mediamatics (42), commerce (56) and retailing (30). The apparent trend of recent years is continuing, with the number of electronics apprenticeships continuing to fall, and demand in IT expanding.

Bern, 22 September 2000


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