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"Conextrade" - successful launch of electronic marketplace

07 September 2000

"Conextrade", the electronic marketplace set up by Swisscom in just three months, aims to bundle supply and demand on an electronic business--to-business platform so as to create better market access and make trading faster and more cost-efficient for both purchasers and suppliers. "Conextrade" aims to become the leading electronic business-to-business marketplace in Switzerland, while also occupying an important position in neighbouring countries.

"Conextrade" is a milestone in Swisscom´s initiative to create competitive advantages for its customers by providing electronic commerce applications. And as part of Commerce One´s Global Trading Web, this marketplace also provides suppliers and purchasers with global access to other electronic marketplaces, e.g. in Germany and France. Swisscom, as platform operator, also manages the lists of the suppliers involved. Using an electronic purchasing application, buyers can access the platform from their own Intranet. Electronic purchasing is fast and secure. It generates time and cost savings for both suppliers and purchasers. At present, Swisscom principally provides services geared towards the requirements of major-account customers. We intend to extend our service portfolio this year to offer branch offices and SMEs the chance to make cost savings through online procurement.

Our strategy is based on forming alliances: our partners include Commerce One, the leading provider of solutions in the field of business-to-business electronic commerce. Andersen Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers, two of the world´s leading consultancy firms, have been signed up to provide professional services. A partnership with the Swiss Post Office has also been established. This focuses mainly on services such as payment transaction processes and logistics, and a joint electronic marketplace for SMEs.

Outsourcing allows customers to focus on their core business, which in turn results in cost savings. Electronic purchasing is fast, secure and time saving. However, cost savings and efficiency increases do not just apply to purchasing. Optimisation of the entire supply chain enables suppliers to maximise the efficiency of their business processes and, at the same time, to open up new sales channels and markets.

Berne, 7. September 2000


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