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Press release


07 September 2000

Die Telekommunikation bietet viele Möglichkeiten für die Kundeninteraktion. Es besteht aber die Gefahr, dass bei aller Technik der Kunde vergessen wird. Swisscom bietet den Firmen eine Integration von Fax, Internet und Telefon in ihren Marketing-Mix mit dem Ziel der Maximierung des Kundendialoges.

Swisscom´s v-Commerce communications solutions are integrated into the network. And technical management is outsourced to Swisscom. This combination makes them a very attractive option for customers. In addition, costs depend on usage and not on investment. Flexible upgrade and combination options are available - e.g. 0800 Business Numbers in combination with Fax Services. SWISSCOM´s solutions are tailored to companies´ structures, processes and resources. Company image and corporate identity are therefore supported.

Berne, 7. September 2000


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