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Swisscom Mobile: individual, customer-driven communications solutions

07 September 2000

Personal, direct customer contact is given top priority at Swisscom Mobile. And we take an uncomplicated, friendly approach. Switzerland"s leading mobile operator has the ideal solution for both business and residential customers. Swisscom Mobile combines proven and new technologies to provide a high-performance, user-friendly product mix.

GPRS - a new dimension in mobile communication

Future-oriented GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology turns dreams into reality - take mobile, Internet access for instance. GPRS opens up many new areas of application and possibilities in mobile communications. GPRS is a new data transport technology that´s quicker, easier and more convenient. And more efficient use is made of network resources.

With GPRS, mobile communication with external databases or with the Internet is possible without having to use a modem. The new technology complements the GSM network, as GSM is used for voice transmission and GPRS for data transmission. The new technology offers numerous application-driven benefits, for example

GRS makes mobile Internet usage possible: web browsing, e-mail transmission and access  

GPRS makes mobile Intranet access possible: access to e-mails, company data etc.  

With GPRS, you´re always ONLINE and don´t have to keep dialling inGPRS enables fast, convenient WAP usage  

SMS over GPRS: optimal access to the NATEL InfoSystem  

SMS over GPRS: Optimierte Zugriffe auf das NATEL InfoSystem  

GPRS offers new possibilities in mobile multimedia messaging and multimedia services  

With GPRS you pay for what you send. Tariffs are volume-based.

GPRS uses a packet-form data transmission technology on the GSM network (IP technology). Downloaded or transmitted data is distributed into packets and transported through time slots. If a considerable number of users surf simultaneously, capacity is distributed. Image display is therefore slightly delayed but picture quality remains consistently high. Maximum potential data transmission capacity is 171 kBit/sec. However, the terminals and GPRS networks available will initially only support a data transmission rate of 30-40 kBits/s.

GPRS-based products will run on phones, PDAs and notebooks. There is a clear trend towards larger, high-resolution, colour screens. GPRS-enabled mobile phones partly fuse with PDAs. GPRS-enabled mobiles are likely to be rolled out at the end of 2000.

NATEL® message Large Account - bulk message transport that´s fast and affordable

Fast, cost-efficient transmission and reception of large volumes of SMS messages at any time with NATEL® message Large Account. All kinds of information up to 160 characters, e.g. recurrent messages, notifications, checks, and instructions. Swisscom Mobile provides separate direct access to the SMS exchange for companies which is fast, cost-effective and also helps to optimise business processes. An excellent way of strengthening customer loyalty: the web user can send his short messages to the Internet provider via PC/notebook and have incoming e-mails confirmed by SMS.

CMN - a system solution that links the fixed-line and mobile networks

The Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) is ideal for companies with several locations and which require employee mobility. CMN enables mobile users to be contacted easily via speed-dial numbers anywhere in Switzerland. This system solution integrates mobile communications into the corporate network. It also produces cost savings because calls inside the office zone (10 km x 10 km in rural areas and 5 km x 5 km in urban areas) are classed as internal calls. Paging systems become superfluous and individual cost control is possible. Simplified processes and high efficiency are the result.

NATEL® OfficeLink -the clever data link without fixed-line

Swisscom´s new data service connects the portable computers of employees who are required to be mobile with the Intranet or Internet. The new form of communications technology enables large amounts of data to be transmitted easily, quickly, securely and reliably via the NATEL® network at ISDN speed. This enables mobile access to all standard Intranet applications such as receiving and editing e-mails, accessing and managing dynamic data such as inventory lists or calendars.

NATEL®WAP services - the Internet goes mobile

In February 2000, Swisscom became the first provider to launch a WAP portal. NATEL® WAP services make information such as news, weather forecasts, share prices, e-mails, flight connections, entertainment and e-commerce available to mobile users at any time. Users can now put together individual lists of links tailored to their personal information and transaction requirements in the same way as with "favourites" on Internet browsers. Location-based services provide customers with information tailored to their current location. Hand-in-hand with electronic commerce, mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important. Multimedia phones and the Internet have become mobile in line with the convergence trend. Shopping, booking flights and banking are all possible via mobile phone.

Berne, 7. September 2000


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