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Company-wide Internet/Intranet access - tailored, business-driven solutions

07 September 2000

As the boundaries between service providers and information providers blur, demand for integrated business solutions is increasing. Modern telecommunications create the necessary basis for such solutions. As a highly professional, full-service provider, Swisscom supports companies in their internal networking, providing state-of-the-art solutions.

IP-Plus/IP-Plus light - Internet access via leased line

Customers are looking for low-cost, individual and efficient solutions for obtaining information from the Net. Swisscom´s IP-Plus Internet Services, offering direct Internet access via leased lines, are the ideal solution here. IP-Plus light is geared towards SMEs and residential customers.

By charging on the basis of a fixed monthly amount independent of volume, IP-Plus light puts an end to spiralling costs. There is a direct link to the access provider from the networked PCs at the workstation. IP-Plus light provides bandwidth of up to 256 Kbit/s.

The IP-Plus light service is available throughout Switzerland. It uses Swisscom´s IP-Plus Internet backbone, the densest and most sophisticated infrastructure for professional Internet access in Switzerland and one which offers superb access to the worldwide web. The IP-Plus Internet backbone, with its direct access to Swisscom partners in neighbouring countries and a link to other leading Internet providers in Europe and the USA via Swisscom´s own infrastructure, is being continuously upgraded in line with customer requirements.

With IP-Plus light, SMEs can therefore cut their communication and support costs at a stroke. At the same time, the use of new technologies generates added value from the Internet. For SMEs who use the Net for three or four hours a day and tend not to do much downloading, but who nonetheless rely on top quality, IP-Plus light Service offers the most cost-efficient option.

SecurePoP® - security for companies´ telecommunications networks

With e-commerce going from strength to strength, Internet security has become a key issue. Swisscom´s Managed Firewall Service SecurePoP® links a company´s network to the Internet, and offers a dedicated firewall in a safe environment at Swisscom. A powerful online service provides customers with round-the-clock information as to the current status of their firewall. Customers can also use the same web interface to despatch requests for reconfigurations to Swisscom´s security specialists. And because firewall systems require regular maintenance and updates, Swisscom makes available an expert security team to all customers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers therefore save on the cost of infrastructure and in-house security specialists. SecurePoP® is ideal for medium-sized and larger companies - irrespective of the number of locations - who need to be sure that their sensitive data are being protected.

LAN-I/LAN-S - linking companies electronically

If a company´s Intranet is to be accessed by external units, e.g. branches of the company, sales offices, partners or suppliers, this is done via what is called an Extranet. Swisscom offers a number of services in this area. The flagship service is the LAN switching service: Swisscom takes on both the planning and implementation and the operation of the customer´s LAN in its entirety. The LAN-Interconnect Service links different company locations, thereby increasing employee productivity, for example through joint use of central databases.

The LAN-Switching Service represents a new outsourcing solution aimed primarily at major-account business customers. It offers them the opportunity to tap into a complete service for their computer network. LAN-S is a consummately professional service which enables customers to benefit from the concentrated know-how of a range of top specialists. Many customers are interested in modernising their LAN in all locations and at the same time outsourcing its operation. Swisscom takes responsibility for total solution realisation and also operational management. All the customer has to do is to define the number of user accesses, the network protocols, bandwidth, availability guarantee and service level and run through these points with their Swisscom customer advisor.

LAN-S customers enjoy a wealth of benefits. They are able to concentrate on the key applications relating to their core business activity and so enhance the professionalism of their business. This almost always leads to optimised use of manpower and to an immediate improvement in effectiveness and efficiency. In addition to cost savings there is also an increase in cost transparency in IT. On the technical side, the reduction in complexity means greater network availability. Customers also receive a guaranteed level of service through a service level agreement. Looking to the future, the LAN-S Service will provide the basis for a scalable network solution in terms of voice and data convergence.

With a market share of 80%, Swisscom is the market leader in LAN-I Services in Switzerland. The LAN-S solution also represents an attractive option for customers who are looking to migrate from a token ring system to Ethernet technology.

RAS - convergence of fixed-line and mobile networks

At a time of ever greater mobility and networking it is possible to be linked to one´s own company, anytime, anywhere. Whether the customer is at home or travelling: Swisscom´s Remote Access Service (RAS) guarantees a connection to the company´s location at all times. With a click of a mouse customer´s have safe, fast and convenient access to their company´s network, within Switzerland and internationally.

This complete access to base opens up totally new perspectives: accessing the company´s Intranet during meetings with customers, dealing with e-mails when you´re travelling, getting the right info at the right time and being able to pass this on. With RAS, management, consulting, sales, distribution and IT support are assured around-the-clock access to important and time-critical information.

For users, the remote access procedure is absolutely transparent. They simply dial a Swiss-wide/worldwide toll-free number, type in their log-in ID and password and that´s it. And with a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) router you don´t even need a password. You just switch on the computer and you´re connected.

RAS connects home offices, company and mobile users with a company´s network via secure access links. Offering the following dial-in possibilities, RAS represents a unique convergence opportunity:

@Remote Office: access from branches (LAN) via ISDN (up to 128 kbit/s)  

@Home Office: access for teleworkers either via ISDN or the analogue telephone network  

@Wireless Office: access for mobile users, via GSM with a transmission rate of up to 38.4 kbit/s  

@Wireless Office is a solution based on the very latest GSM technology for data transmission on HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data). Up to four traditional data links are bundled to generate an overall transmission speed of 38.4 kbit/s (in future up to 57.6 kbit/s).

The latest version of RAS has been available since 1 July 2000. This is a convergence solution which offers both wired and wireless access, together with a range of new features, including

Global connectivity: access from abroad via a single toll-free number  

New cost structure: simple, transparent and attractively-priced  

More redundancy: doubling up the service elements and transmission channels  

SecurID®: more security in terms of user authentication  

Color Line service - the new clear channel gigabit service

Color Line offers new network solutions to customers with high-volume, complex data transmission requirements. Color Line allows companies to grow in a completely new dimension. Offering up to 32 protocol-independent channels, up to 80gbps of data can be transported within computing centres, server farms and LANs using a fully duplex process and optical technology. Color Line adds extra power to companies´ IT systems. So that time-critical data which is crucial to customer support are available anywhere, anytime, Swisscom links companies´ own networks, for distances of up to 50 km, with a full through-put gigabit Ethernet channel.

Berne, 7. September 2000


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