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Press release

Swisscom lowers fixed-net charges to Great Britain by 50%

06 September 2000

On 1 October 2000 Swisscom will reduce the base charge for calls to Great Britain and the two Asian countries South Korea and Taiwan. A weekend call to Great Britain will now cost just 10 centimes a minute. This is the same per minute charge as for calls to neighbouring countries and North America.

Cheaper international calls

The major price round of March this year - when Swisscom revised its entire pricing structure - is to be followed by further selective charge reductions. From 1 October a call to Great Britain will cost just 12 centimes a minute during the week (25 centimes at present) and a mere 10 centimes a minute at weekends (20 centimes at present).

Call charges to South Korea and Taiwan will be almost halved. The per minute charge to both destinations will be reduced to 65 centimes during the week (CHF 1.25 at present) and 50 centimes at the weekend (CHF 1.00 at present).

Charges for national calls remain low

Charges for national calls remain the same. A local call (made to a number in the same dialling code area) costs 6.7 centimes a minute standard rate and 3.3 centimes a minute off-peak. The per minute charge for long-distance calls (to a number in a different dialling code area) is 12 centimes at the standard rate and 10 centimes off-peak.

Call at the weekend for just 1.67 centimes a minute

At weekends, Swisscom customers can continue to take advantage of the "Weekend call" offer. With "Weekend call", a call within Switzerland - local or long-distance - costs a maximum of one franc per hour. This is equivalent to a per minute charge of 1.67 centimes for anyone who calls for a full hour. No other operator in Switzerland can offer such low prices. The way it works is simple: The first minutes of a call are calculated in the normal way up to a maximum of one franc. After that, the rest of the hour is free of charge. Once the hour is up, the standard rate applies.

For more information go to or call 0800 86 87 88.

Price overview for international calls from 1 October 2000:

  Weekday rate
CHF per minute
Weekend rate
CHF per minute

Country group 1
Germany*, France*, Great Britain*, Italy*, Liechtenstein, Austria*, Canada, USA

 0.12  0.10

Country group 2
Andorra, Belgium*, Denmark*, Faroe Islands, Finland*, Gibraltar, Greece*, Ireland*, Iceland, Luxembourg*, Malta, Monaco*, Netherlands*, Norway*, Portugal*, San Marino, Sweden*, Spain*, Cyprus, Australia*, New Zealand*

 0.25  0.20

Country group 3
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldavia, Palestine, Poland, Rumania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore

 0.65  0.50

Country group 4
Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, East Timor, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia

 1.25  1.00

Country group 5
All other countries

 1.60  1.40

* A surcharge of 30 centimes per minute is made on calls from the fixed-line network to foreign mobile networks.

All charges include VAT. Charges increase in units of CHF 0.10. Rounding differences are possible. Charges are subject to change. Special offers like "Weekend call" or the discount scheme "Global Volume" only apply to Swisscom customers without Carrier Preselection to another telecommunications provider.

Bern, 6 September 2000


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