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Press release

My WAP: Swisscom launches personal WAP

05 September 2000

Swisscom has revamped its website, turning it into Switzerland"s largest WAP portal. The most important new feature is the "My WAP" personalisation service. Swisscom is the only Swiss provider to enable preferred sites to be saved as "favourites", a common Internet feature, on WAP - for all WAP users and all WAP equipment. Swisscom today has around 40,000 WAP users.

Swisscom Mobile has revamped its Internet WAP portal in line with the vast increase in services and WAP News. With an extended, broader range of information and services,  will become a leader in the rapidly-growing world of WAP. Just six months after the launch of Swisscom Mobile´s WAP portal, 200 offers, divided into four languages, are available. And Swisscom Mobile is the first Swiss operator to implement a new generation of WAP services: location-based services, i.e. services tailored to the requirements of a user in a particular location.

Swisscom Mobile´s extremely attractive "My WAP" personalisation service is now available on WAP. This enables users to assemble a list of links tailored to their personal information and transaction requirements, just like the "favourites" function on Internet browsers. This individual collection of links is easy to assemble via PC on the website. Swisscom Mobile is the only Swiss network operator to offer this service for all WAP-enabled equipment and all WAP users.

All Swisscom Mobile´s WAP services are presented under "WAP Services". The services available are sub-divided into the categories News & Weather, Finance, Travel, Lifestyle & Care, Shopping, Office, Games, Swisscom and Links. The "WAP Guide" is packed with useful information on WAP. It covers terminals, WAP configurations and Swisscom offers. There´s also a lot of useful information for providers and developers. All the latest news from the multifaceted WAP world is contained in "WAP News".

The convergence of Internet and mobile telephony is moving ahead at a blistering pace. Market research has shown that by 2002, 500 million people will use the Internet and 700 million will use mobile phones. More and more providers recognise the potential of WAP and are making their websites WAP-compatible.

Berne, 5 September 2000


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