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Swisscom, employee representatives and Manpower found a joint venture - Worklink AG

01 November 2000

Premiere on the Swiss labour market:unions and staff associations are for the first time taking a financial stake in a joint venture with a leading personnel agency, Manpower AG, and a large company, Swisscom Ltd. In this way the respective parties are undertaking joint responsibility and providing active support for a redundancy plan.The three partners have founded the joint venture - Worklink AG - with a view to opening up new perspectives for older employees who are affected by the reorientation of the Swisscom group and integrating them into the working process. The project has been piloted since September and will become operational at the beginning of next year.

On 3 May 1999 Swisscom, the unions and the staff associations agreed the ´Perspectives´ redundancy plan. This paved the way for starting an independent company to enable experienced former Swisscom employees affected by the reorganisation to be reintegrated into the work process, primarily through temporary assignments.

As of 31 October 2000, a joint stock corporation has been set up, comprising Swisscom (40% stake), the unions/staff associations communication, transfair, CASC and PVB (jointly 30%), and Manpower (30%). The company will provide a professional basis for bringing ex-Swisscom employees back onto the job market. The targeted staff are 50 or over, have been with Swisscom for at least five years and - armed with a new individual employment contract - will be deployed primarily on a temporary basis. They will benefit from some degree of guaranteed salary and - if they are not able to find permanent posts - will take advantage of early retirement at the age of 60.

Joint venture - an innovative solution for the Swiss job market

For the first time ever Swiss trades unions and staff associations are taking a financial stake in a joint venture with a major personnel agency and a large company in order to push though active implementation of a redundancy plan on the basis of joint responsibility.

By securing the involvement of Manpower AG, Worklink can tap into the know-how and infrastructure of a leading Swiss and global personnel services provider. Thanks to Manpower´s extensive network of branches, Worklink will be optimally placed to respond to the needs of non-core areas, which tend to be particularly affected by restructuring. It is clear that broad-based links to potential employers offer the best chance for reintegration into the labour market.

Worklink - the first choice for telecommunications professionals

Building on the experience and expertise of both Swisscom and former Swisscom staff, Worklink will also act as a manpower agency for the telecommunications sector. The collaboration between professionals from Manpower and Worklink will enable synergies to be tapped to the benefit of both job seekers and companies in this cutting-edge industry.

Run-up phase prior to the launch of Worklink on 1 January 2001

A pilot scheme has been in operation since the start of September 2000 with the aim of forging and consolidating links and networking among the partners. Worklink staff are currently preparing for the operational phase, to begin on 1 January 2001. At the same time former Swisscom staff are taking the opportunity totest their skills on the job market through temporary assignments.

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