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Conextrade and SAP (Switzerland) AG to cooperate

29 November 2000

Conextrade, Swisscom"s electronic B2B marketplace and SAP (Switzerland) AG are to work together closely. The aim of the joint venture is to provide efficient electronic purchasing solutions by bundling the core competencies of SAP and conextrade.

Electronic marketplaces allow purchasers and suppliers of goods and services to carry out transactions efficiently via Internet and to optimise processes with respect to time, quality and costs.

Commerce One and SAP announced in summer 2000 that they would work together on the joint development of next-generation e-procurement solutions and e-business marketplaces for the global Internet economy. The joint venture is focused on the marketplace suite MarketSet for the whole range of e-business services of a virtual trading platform and Enterprise Buyer Professional Edition and Enterprise Buyer Desktop Edition as connection software to the marketplace. Conextrade marketplace users will benefit directly from the joint venture between Commerce One and SAP (Switzerland) AG.

The SAP and Commerce One purchasing solutions aimed at companies that have large procurement volumes are directly connected to and integrated in conextrade´s electronic marketplace. The purchasing software supports standard customer/supplier business processes via the electronic marketplace as one-step business.

In addition to the seamless integration of the e-procurement solutions into the electronic marketplace, the cooperation between SAP and conextrade also involves work on the so-called application service provider model and joint marketing activities.

SAP will bring its expertise in the following fields to the partnership - the connection of software solutions to the conextrade marketplace, the implementation of integrated procurement solutions, software consulting and the development of customer-specific software solutions.

Conextrade will complement these services by operating the electronic marketplace including supplier connection and content management, and by providing strategic purchasing and sourcing services, innovative e-services such as dynamic trading (online invitations to tender and auctions), financial and logistic services, services for the development, integration and operation of vertical marketplaces and ASP and hosting services.

Conextrade operates Switzerland´s leading electronic B2B marketplace. The openness of the marketplace to various standards and the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies mean that e-procurement solutions may be implemented rapidly in any company irrespective of branch or size. Conextrade supports the entire value-added business chain both strategically and operationally. A competent partnership network allow company-wide purchasing solutions to be implemented, including the set-up and operation of portals. Partners include Swisscom, Commerce One, SAP (Switzerland), and Andersen Consulting. Conextrade has direct access to the Global Trading Web, the largest B2B online trading community in the world. Many services are multi-lingual and available in the ASP model. For further information:
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SAP (Switzerland) AG
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Bern, 29 November 2000


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