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Swisscom chooses Ericsson as UMTS supplier

14 December 2000

Swisscom Mobile has chosen Ericsson to supply its UMTS equipment, and a multi-year contract has been signed to this effect. The contract includes a complete offer covering all the required equipment and services. Over the coming years, Swisscom Mobile will invest in total more than a billion francs in the construction of a UMTS network in Switzerland, which will provide additional capacity for new services from 2002, in particular in mobile data communication.

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) is the third-generation mobile radio system that creates additional mobile radio capacity and enables broadband multimedia applications such as mobile video transmission, while also providing high-speed Internet access. At the auction on 6 December 2000, Swisscom Mobile bought a UMTS license for CHF 50 million. The licence takes effect on 1 January 2002 and will be valid for 15 years.

Launch planned in large urban centres

With the purchase of the license and the selection of a network supplier, the preconditions have now been met to enable Swisscom Mobile to begin the speedy construction of a third-generation mobile radio network. Frequency planning has already begun, which means that the first UMTS field tests can start at the end of 2001. The UMTS network could be up and running sometime during 2002. UMTS will initially be launched in large urban centres. The first phones to appear on the market will be dual-mode, which means it will be possible to use them on the GSM/GPRS network and the UMTS network.

Decisive factors in selecting Ericsson were commercial considerations and technical aspects, as well as contractually guaranteed system availability and faithfulness to deadlines. The contract also includes the supply of UMTS phones. Ericsson is one of the word´s leading manufacturers of mobile network equipment and phones.

Bern, 14 December 2000


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