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E-commerce solutions at Internet Expo 01

18 January 2001

LAN Interconnect Service: a global network for company-wide applications 

Swisscom´s LAN Interconnect Service solution allows the cost-effective connection of geographically dispersed LANs. Companies enjoy the benefits of distributed data bases, e-mail, centralised printers, etc., leading not only to more efficient utilisation of existing capacities but also an improvement in internal communication. The solution covers the implementation of client networks including centralised end-to-end supervision and management by Swisscom. Guaranteed availability, service level agreements and network reporting are integral parts of the service offering.

CyberKey closes security gaps 

For businesses such as banks and insurance companies data communications security is of vital importance. Besides encryption, important elements of network security are data authenticity, data integrity and public keys. Swisscom´s CyberKey service option takes all of these aspects into consideration. The CyberKey service option is offered as a site-to-site VPN (Virtual Private Network) based on the existing LAN Interconnect Service. Put simply, all data leaving a company´s premises are transported in encrypted form via a WAN to their destination, where they are then decrypted.

SecurePoP® : Managed Firewall Services

To ensure effective and ongoing protection, security systems such as firewalls must be regularly maintained and upgraded according to requirements. Swisscom´s SecurePoP® offers a managed firewall service and professional supervision by the Swisscom security team. SecurePoP® connects a corporate network to the Internet, with the dedicated firewall forming the key component of the security solution. SecurePoP® is offered in conjunction with Swisscom´s LAN Interconnect Service. Customers can retrieve information on the current status of their firewall at any time using well-designed online services. Orders for configuration modifications can be conveniently sent via the same web interface to Swisscom´s security specialists.

Remote Access Service (RAS): the secure dial-in service for corporate clients 

Remote Access Service (RAS) provides remote access to a corporate network. This allows users to access their office LAN from any location: from home, from the train, from a hotel, from the station or airport, while on the move, while visiting a customer, whether in Switzerland or abroad. RAS supports full connectivity within a company and allows access to all distributed business applications: e-mail, intranet, data transfer, data bases, client servers, etc. Users can work in remote locations in just the same way as in the office.

IP-Plus Internet Services: professional access for corporate clients 

High network availability and professional after-sales support are also prerequisites for the successful operation of business applications on the Internet. IP-Plus Internet Services are tailored to the needs of businesses that require reliable Internet access. The standard offer includes direct access up to 2MBps as well as ISDN-LAN access, worldwide IP connectivity and the full range of Internet services such as e-mail, FTP, WWW, etc. IP-Plus comes with a full range of options: electronic telephone directory access, fax and SMS gateways, statistics tools and web-hosting. As part of the customer-specific solutions, security concepts are worked out and implemented in combination with IP-Plus Internet Services. IP-Plus Internet Services are based on the same transport and management platforms, for example, the LAN Interconnect Service, and can therefore be easily integrated as part of a complete solution or as an extension to an existing network environment.

VPN service for SMEs 

Swisscom will shortly launch a VPN service for its SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) across Switzerland. The VPN service provides cost-effective connection of geographically dispersed LAN sites. The service is based on the proven Internet protocol and the latest ADSL technology and enables clients to set up an intranet VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Conextrade, the leading electronic B2B marketplace in Switzerland
In Hall 2, Stand 168, Conextrade will present a comprehensive service portfolio for efficient trading between companies. The solutions cover strategic advice in the area of procurement as well as operation of the chosen procurement solution and even complete outsourcing of a company´s purchasing. The latest services include online tendering and auctioning.

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Bern, 18 January 2001


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