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Conextrade launches services for online tendering and auctioning

16 January 2001

Online tendering or "reverse auctions" play an important role in modern sourcing operations and help to streamline the procurement process. A paperless and transparent tendering process allows incoming offers to be directly compared according to selected criteria. Online tendering permits the procurement of different types of goods and services: direct goods (for example, cost-intensive components for planned large-scale production), infrastructure projects (for example, the procurement of several hundred PCs, including servers and networking), framework agreements for MRO items (Maintenance, Repairs, Operations, for example, for annual paper requirements).

Market studies have shown that online tendering not only greatly reduces the time and costs involved in the tendering process but it can also generate up to double-digit savings in percentage terms. Suppliers of goods also stand to benefit from the new service by gaining access to a global sales market as well as an opportunity to conclude new strategic (major) orders using a new and efficient process. In addition to online tendering, Conextrade offers a service for online auctioning. For providers of goods and services, so-called "forward auctions" will provide a new and innovative sales channel as well as access to global sourcers.

Both services are highly flexible and allow details to be provided not only on prices but also other criteria such as terms and conditions of delivery and detailed descriptions. The solution offered by Conextrade comprises a full-service package for the preparation and implementation of the most common types and formats used in online tendering and auctioning, and includes training, help desk and hotline functions. The services support various languages, currencies and time zones and operate fully using the ASP model. To use the services, auctioneers and bidders alike simply require a PC and standard browser.

Conextrade has conducted intensive testing with the service platform and processes. The software used is the Commerce One solution, which is user-friendly and offers a comprehensive range of functions and seamless integration in the Conextrade marketplace.

Conextrade operates Switzerland´s leading electronic B2B marketplace. The marketplace´s compatibility with a range of standards and the use of state-of-the-art technology enables e-procurement solutions to be rapidly implemented in companies of all sizes and operating in all sectors. Conextrade provides strategic and operational support for the entire value-added chain. A competent partner network ensures the implementation of company-wide purchasing solutions right up to the setting up and operation of portals. Partners include Swisscom, Commerce One, SAP (Switzerland) and Accenture. Conextrade has direct access to the Global Trading Web, the world´s biggest B2B online trading association. Many services are multilingual and available in the ASP model.

Bern, 16 January 2001


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