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Swisscom and Siemens Switzerland warn of defective ISDN network termination units

09 February 2001

Swisscom, the only buyer in Switzerland, has been purchasing NT-Santis version 3 ISDN network termination units (product designation: ISDN-NT1+ 2ab) from Siemens Switzerland since July 1999. It now appears that defective 230V connectors were installed in some production batches. Removing the power cable from a defective ISDN network termination unit may cause metal pins in the connector to snap, leaving them stuck in the power cable. These metal pins can give an electric shock and therefore cause accidents. There is no danger however if, as is usually the case with electrical appliances, the power cable is first removed from the wall socket to disconnect the appliance from the power supply.

The fault occurs in units that were supplied and installed between October and December 2000. According to Siemens, between 300 and 600 of the units supplied during this period may be defective.

Production batches that were supplied between July 1999 and October 2000 are being checked for faults. The possibility that units from these batches are also defective has not yet been ruled out. The precautionary measures therefore apply to all units supplied.

Swisscom and Siemens are notifying their customers and will check and, where necessary, repair the network termination units concerned in the coming weeks.

Siemens Switzerland and Swisscom will also run an advertisement campaign to warn the public.

Further information will be available from 06.00 Saturday on the hotline number 0800 857 456.

Bern, 9 February 2001


Swisscom AG
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