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Press release

Swisscom launches Evening Call and ISDN Surf Bonus

06 February 2001

Swisscom´s fixed network customers are showing rapid growth rates in calls to mobile phones, Internet use and in the number of ISDN connections. And many customers who deserted to the competition are returning: currently at the rate of several thousand a month.

The number of customers being won back is rising monthly by about 10 percent. When asked for their key reasons, customers, particularly business customers, cited quality, speed and the availability of connections.

Swisscom, however, is making a name for itself not only by attractive products and services, but also by competitive prices and innovative special offers. Two of these new offers go onstream from 1st March.

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to Weekend Call - which, after its launch in March 2000, made Swisscom the price leader for nationwide, fixed network weekend calls - this offer will now be expanded.

As a further innovation, Swisscom customers can benefit from Evening Call, which allows them to call anywhere in Switzerland between 19.00 and 24.00 hrs. for just one franc an hour. Local or long distance. This amounts to 1.67 centimes a minute for customers telephoning for a whole hour. The principle of Evening Call is simple: The first minutes of the call are calculated in the usual way, up to a maximum of one franc. After that, the rest of the hour is free of charge. The cheaper price is calculated automatically, and no registration is necessary.

Swisscom customers with an ISDN connection (Basic and Light) will be credited with free surfing hours from 1st March. With a minimum of 30 francs of fixed network call charges, Swisscom ISDN customers can surf for 3 hours free of charge each month. This ISDN Surf Bonus is valid for all Internet service providers with the dial-in number 0840 840 xxx (e.g. bluewin), and exactly for the times when residential customers most frequently use the Net: Monday through Friday from 16.00 to 08.00 hrs., as well as round the clock at weekends and on national holidays. There is no need to apply for this special offer - the bonus will be automatically deducted as a discount on Internet charges for the month in question.

Both offers are valid for all fixed network connections without carrier preselection with another telecommunications operator.

You can find further details about these new prices at

Bern, 6th February 2001


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