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HSCSD: mobile Internet access four times faster

29 March 2001

HSCSD from Swisscom Mobile will be available from the beginning of April 2001. All SIM cards will be cleared automatically on this date free of charge. The customer does not have to do anything. No special contract is necessary. Call charges are set out in the current NATEL® price list for the NATEL® subscription selected. You simply require a HSCSD-enabled mobile in order to use HSCSD.

HSCSD, the new mobile transmission technology, enables large amounts of data to be transmitted at high speed. Anyone who accesses the Internet, reads e-mails or sends faxes while on the move will appreciate the value of fast transmission rates. HSCSD uses the ISDN (fixed network) principle of channel bundling. Effectively, several radio channels are bundled into one high-performance data channel. It´s currently possible to bundle up to four channels, which corresponds to a data transmission rate of up to 57.6 kbps, almost the speed of ISDN.


HSCSD - ideal for business and residential customers

HSCSD is aimed at both professional people and private users. For instance: a photographer who wants to send his digital photos from the news scene to his editor, a businessman who wants to call up the latest data from his company network or a private user who wants to send e-mails from his laptop.


The following phones currently support HSCSD: Nokia 6210, Nokia Card Phone 2.0

Berne, 29 March 2001


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