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Swisscom presents its Expo.02 communications experience

31 May 2001

Swisscom´s telecommunications services make it possible for people to communicate with each other day in day out. Swisscom´s "Break the Silence" project highlights how essential communication has become in today´s world. Visitors to the project find themselves caught up in an extraordinary adventure: The empire of silence has taken over the world and robbed humans of all means of communication. Absolutely everyone? No, a band of communication rebels conspires with the visitors to take a stand against the silent dictatorship.

Jens Alder, Chief Executive Officer of Swisscom Ltd., thinks "it´s worth paying a visit to the Arteplage in Biel just to see the Swisscom pavilion". ´Break the Silence´ will be an unforgettable experience for young and old.

The artistic management team of Expo.02 recently approved the preliminary project. Swisscom is collaborating with the London agency, LIVE, and the Swiss general contractor, Nüssli Special Events Ltd., to ensure that the project is a success. The budget for the project is CHF 12 million.

As a Swiss company Swisscom is playing an active part in this national exhibition. As well as creating the communications experience project in Biel, Swisscom is also providing the entire telecommunications infrastructure for all five Arteplages. Swisscom is also an official partner of Expo.02.

Berne, 10 April 2001


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