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SwissConnexx takes over Swisscom stake in leading Swiss paging company, All Wireless

18 May 2001

Swisscom Ltd has sold off its 51% stake in paging specialist, All Wireless AG, to SwissConnexx AG, with retrospective effect from 1 January 2001. SwissConnexx, which, like All Wireless, also operates in the telecommunications field, will thereby become the sole shareholder in the TELEPAGE® provider. The sale of the shares was a logical step for Swisscom, as All Wireless´s area of operation does not form part of Swisscom´s core activities. SwissConnexx operates in the telecommunications field and serves the needs of a number of diverse customer groups. All Wireless´ products and services therefore dovetail perfectly with what SwissConnexx has to offer.

All Wireless investing in the future

TELEPAGE® is responding to market and customer demands by introducing a new, forward-looking corporate strategy. In the future, All Wireless will not only focus on paging, but it will also get involved in marketing other telecommunications products and services in the security area. Over the course of the next 18 months, All Wireless will also be investing several million francs in the complete digitisation of its telecommunications networks and in the development of new products and services. The Board of Directors has already approved these investments, which means more innovative products and services are in the pipeline.

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Swisscom AG, Media Relations, Tel. +41 31 342 91 93,

Berne, 18 May 2001


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