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New prices for ISDN Light and supplementary services

08 May 2001

This move will make life simpler for the 435000 ISDN Light customers (as per end 2000). From now on, there will be no charges for activation (e.g. for various forwarding services, which, up until now, had a maximum upper limit of CHF. 6.-). ISDN Light customers who made frequent use of the supplementary services will therefore benefit from these price adjustments.

Selective price increases on supplementary services are due to current cost shortfalls. The price adjustments specifically relate to the following supplementary services:

For analogue connections (PSTN) the upper limit of CHF 10.- for activation and deactivation of supplementary services will cease to apply.  
For PSTN connections, the supplementary "do not disturb, Service 26" function will now cost CHF 0.20 per activation.   

For PSTN and ISDN connections the "outgoing call barring, Service 33 (OCB)" supplementary service will now cost CHF 3.00 per month (previously CHF 2.-) Individual barring sets for 0906 numbers, for example, will continue to be free of charge.

For PSTN and ISDN connections the supplementary service "bar reverse charge calls" will now cost CHF 3.00 per month (previously CHF 2.-).  

Berne, 8 May 2001


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