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Changes in the management of the Swisscom Group

29 June 2001

In order to intensify its focus on the sub-markets, Swisscom is converting its parent company structure into a group organisation. The existing Executive Board will be consolidated by the arrival of the CEO of Debitel AG and the head of the six headquarter functions. In addition a new position will be created to assume responsibility for the management of various companies in Switzerland and abroad.

The following personnel changes are also announced.

The Swisscom Board of Directors regrets to announce the resignation of Heinz Karrer, member of the Executive Board, after five years of service at Swisscom. Mr Karrer will pursue a new career challenge outside of the Group which will commence in 2002. Mr Karrer arrived at Swisscom in 1997 and was a member of the Executive Board firstly as head of Marketing & Sales and since 1.1.2001 as head of the Enterprise Communications Division. He played an instrumental role in the successful partial privatisation and reorientation of Swisscom in the liberalised telecommunications market.

Ueli Dietiker, currently CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Cablecom AG, will join Swisscom in autumn 2001 and assume responsibility for strategic business expansion and related matters. These are the majority holdings Debitel AG, Conextrade AG, Swisscom Systems AG¹, Swisscom Broadcasting Services AG¹ and the minority holdings UTA, Cesky Telecom and Infonet. This will allow the CEO of the Swisscom Group, Jens Alder, to focus on core business in Switzerland and the management of the Group. As a member of the Group Executive Board, Mr. Dietiker will report to Jens Alder. Ueli Dietiker is 48 years old, a certified accountant and was firstly Cablecom´s Chief Financial Officer from 1 January 1995 and then CEO at Cablecom from 1 January 1999.

On 1 October 2001 Adrian Bult will become head of Fixnet and will then be appointed CEO of Swisscom Fixnet AG when it is set up. The previous Fixnet1 management team of Adrian Bult, Reto Held and Jens Alder (ad interim), will be broken up at the end of September 2001. Reto Held will assume new tasks in the Group after the integration of Network Services & Wholesale has been completed.

Further appointments to the Swisscom Group Executive Board are planned in the coming months within the framework of the organisational change.

¹ Will be set up as a stock corporation within the next few months

Berne, 29 June 2001


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