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Press release

Premiere at Athletissima - live broadband coverage via Internet

28 June 2001

Swisscom´s Network Construction (NC) unit in Lausanne started a working hours project on 1 January 2000 to examine the consequences of a reduction in working hours. The employees reduced their weekly working week to 36 hours and accepted a reduction in salary.

New Collective Employment Agreement with a 40-hour week and 5 annual leave

This project will be concluded by Swisscom as planned and will not be prolonged. The main reason for this decision is the high workload at Network Construction at the present time. There are capacity bottlenecks that can only be overcome by using external employees.

Furthermore, the Collective Employment Agreement between Swisscom and the staff associations entered into force on 1 January 2001 with a reduction in the working week from 41 to 40 hours. With five instead of four weeks holiday, modern working time models and market-oriented salaries, Swisscom is one of the most progressive employers in Switzerland.

Berne, 28 June 2001


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