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Press release

Premiere at Athletissima - live broadband coverage via Internet

28 June 2001

Once again viewers will able to watch this year´s Athletissima athletics meeting on 4 July 2001 in Lausanne live via Internet. At not only will they be able to watch the same coverage as on TV via Internet but will also have the option of selecting individual images. ADSL subscribers will be able to watch live coverage of Athletissima at higher transmission speeds than in the past, with better quality, a larger screen and with supplementary services.
The Internet coverage is interactive allowing , for example, individual camera angles to be selected. ADSL customers have access to an additional camera which can be selected by mouse click. A video archive enables comparisons to be made with previous meetings using a special transmission technology. Past and present results can easily be compared using this tool. This service is available to all Internet service providers that sell ADSL accesses. Sporting events are particularly well suited to broadband applications which is why other sporting events are expected to follow suit and offer attractive broadband content.

Berne, 28 June 2001


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