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Press release

Premiere: fully automated information service

30 July 2001

Swisscom hopes to use this pilot project to attract new customers. The aim is to provide a less expensive, automated alternative to the high-quality information service that currently exists. If the pilot project in Lucerne is successful Swisscom intends to set up another test project for private customers in Freiburg (local area code 026) in both French and German. Swisscom will then decide on the basis of these test projects whether to extend this fully automated service (in all national languages) to the whole of Switzerland.

Continually improving language technology

This innovation is intended to give Swisscom a greater technical edge over its competitors. Voice technology is nothing new for Swisscom┬┤s information services. Since the end of last year, for instance, it has been possible to set up a connection to a given user by giving the voice command "connect", or another by saying "SMS" to order the number and address of another user via SMS. These new functions are running smoothly and customer reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

The pilot projects will also supply information on how the system could be improved. This will allow new information, technical innovations and customer requirements to be taken into consideration throughout the project┬┤s duration. As this pilot project may experience some teething problems and the quality is continually being improved the automated information service will be provided free of charge during the pilot phase (13 August to 14 September 2001) on 0800 829 829.

Berne, 30 July 2001


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