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Press release

New Swisscom service: fixed-line SMS

26 July 2001

This customer-friendly innovation further reinforces Swisscom´s position as the country´s leading full telecommunications service provider. Now you can comfortably and conveniently send and receive SMS messages at home and in the office. Sending and receiving SMS messages via ISDN telephone is simple. An additional benefit is that ISDN customers will not only be able to read the incoming call number on the display, but also identify the caller´s name at the touch of a button using ETV® Online.

All you need to be able to use this service is an ISDN line and a new SMS-compatible telephone, which can be bought or rented. Swisscom is bringing five new telephone models onto the market: two fixed-wire and three cordless models, ranging from CHF 168 to CHF 448. These telephones are available in the Swisscom Shop, from Swisscom partners, specialist dealers and wholesale distributors.

Sending and receiving fixed-line SMS messages will be free of charge during the introductory phase from 1 August to 30 September 2001. Thereafter there will be a uniform charge of CHF 0.20 per SMS, the same rate as is currently charged for sending SMS via the mobile network (fixed-to-fixed and fixed-to-mobile). The offer is restricted to Swisscom customers only. Customers using carrier preselection or having contractual obligations to third-party providers for their fixed-line telephone are not entitled to benefit from this offer.

Berne, 26 July 2001


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