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EconomyLINE, MultiLINEISDN and BusinessLINEISDN as new standard products

25 July 2001

Swisscom is modifying its range of fixed-line accesses, merging the PSTN, ISDN Light, ISDN basic access, PSTN multiple access, analogue direct dialling and ISDN direct dialling products into three standard products: EconomyLINE as an analogue access, MultiLINEISDN as an ISDN access and BusinessLINEISDN as an ISDN access with direct dialling. Services and supplementary services for which there is less demand in the market are being discontinued or replaced by new, future-oriented solutions. Many supplementary services are now included in the standard offer price. However, individual service elements are still available.

This streamlining and standardisation will bring the new fixed-network access into line with the requirements of the mass market. The modifications will provide the customer with greater transparency and make operation more efficient at Swisscom. The new fixed-network access is easier for the customer to understand and facilitates dealings with sales partners and provisioning. Swisscom estimates that the standardisation of its fixed-network portfolio will see a considerable reduction in the number of changes, customer enquiries and fault repairs.

Transfer of customer accesses and availability of the new products

In an initial stage, the accesses of customers with analogue, ISDN Light or ISDN basic access will be transferred to the new products EconomyLINE and MultiLINEISDN by the end of July 2001. Customers who can no longer be offered services in the same form as before will be informed directly. Swisscom will also make contact individually with all customers whose installations have to be modified. Within the scope of these modifications, ISDN CombiPrivate and ISDN CombiBusiness will be transferred to the new MultiLINEISDN Combi service.

In a second stage, Swisscom will transfer the accesses of customers with analogue direct dialling, analogue multiple subscriber lines and ISDN direct dialling accesses to the new BusinessLINEISDN product which will be available from autumn 2001.

The new products

EconomyLINE - the Swisscom fixed-network access for anyone who simply wants to make calling easier. With 1 analogue access, 1 number and various supplementary services at a price of CHF 25.25 per month.

MultiLINEISDN - the Swisscom fixed-line access for anyone who requires two fast lines simultaneously and who wishes to use several telephone numbers. With 1 ISDN access, 2 user channels, 3 telephone numbers, an analogue interface and various supplementary services at a price of CHF 43.00 per month.

MultiLINEISDN Combi - the Swisscom fixed-line access for anyone who requires two fast lines simultaneously, several telephone numbers and who would like to benefit from high-performance Bluewin HighWay Internet access. With 1 ISDN access, 2 user channels, 3 phone numbers, analogue interface, 1 Bluewin Internet access and various supplementary services at a price of CHF 49.00 per month as opposed to CHF 59.90 - MultiLINEISDN CHF 43.00, Bluewin HighWay monthly subscription CHF 16.90 (on the basis of the price structure which has applied for MultiLINEISDN since June 2001, then still ISDN Light, there will be a price increase of CHF 0.80 for MultiLINEISDN Combi with 5 and with 10 telephone numbers)

BusinessLINEISDN (launch autumn 2001) - the Swisscom fixed-network access for all companies with a PBX who wish to implement future-oriented communications. With ISDN access technology, freely-selectable number of user channels within the scope of the specific access type, freely-selectable number of number blocks and direct-dial numbers. The price is determined by the individual configuration.

Options can be selected for individual product performance modifications, e.g. additional telephone numbers (MSN) for MultiLINEISDN or COMBOX pro for EconomyLINE and for MultiLINEISDN. And of course the Bluewin HighWay ADSL service is also available.

Berne, 25 July 2001


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