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Now SMS users can also make savings with NATEL ® budget

27 August 2001

Now Swisscom Mobile customers really are spoilt for choice: alongside the familiar NATEL® budget subscription with 15 minutes´ free talktime Swisscom Mobile is now also offering the same product with 50 free SMS messages. The monthly subscription charge for this is the same at CHF 15 and there´s a universal call charge of CHF 0.70 per minute for calls to both the NATEL® network and the Swisscom fixed network at all times of the day. In comparison to NATEL® easy call charges this results in a saving of CHF 0.29 per minute. A low basic charge and the free SMS messages make NATEL® budget an ideal subscription for first time and occasional users who like to send lots of SMS messages.

When a contract is drawn up new customers can choose whether to enjoy the 15 minutes´ free talktime or the 50 free SMS messages. Existing customers can switch from one option to the other free of charge once a month.

NATEL® budget offers all the benefits of a Swisscom Mobile subscription. These include unlimited phone calls in more than 115 countries (international roaming), COMBOX® basic, NATEL® InfoService and much more. What´s more, all customers under 22 automatically benefit from NATEL® Skyline - and this means another 30 free SMS messages per month on top.

Of course, customers changing from NATEL® easy to NATEL® budget can keep their existing phone numbers.

Berne, 27 August 2001


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