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Press release

Swisscom is giving away 18,000 Expo.02 day passes

26 September 2001

Swisscom has been a committed partner of the Expo.02 project right from the outset: It is setting up the entire telecommunications infrastructure on the five Arteplages, is the official partner and has its own pavilion. Swisscom is investing some CHF 18 million in the pavilion and in its capacity as official partner.

Swisscom is now starting to construct its "Empire of Silence" adventure pavilion on the Arteplage in Biel. Visitors to the "Empire of Silence" will find themselves caught up in a spellbinding world of adventure. They will visit the pavilion in groups. A fantasy world awaits them - a kind of haunted house. A script written especially for the project has been staged in a similar way to "Indiana Jones", "Batman" or "Star Wars". The difference is that the visitor can play an active part and become the hero of the piece. The fascinating but weird power of silence has taken control. The visitors experience the strange sensation of no longer being able to speak. Communications rebels join forces with the visitors to help them to escape. The adventure lasts around 20 minutes. It is the first of its kind in the world.

The first thing that the visitors see is a 40m wide hoarding in front of the pavilion - and 110 pairs of winking eyes. Behind the hoarding is a network of shadowy black lairs where the adventure is played out.

Some 600 Swisscom employees, who will each spend one week working at the Expo .02, will be responsible for the running of the adventure pavilion and for customer care.
Free entry for 18,000 employees

Swisscom is giving its 18,000 employees in Switzerland a day pass for the Expo.02. This is another clear sign that Swisscom is giving its full support to the Expo.02.
Bern, 26 September 2001


Swisscom AG
Media Relations
3050 Bern