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Press release

Swisscom IT and AGI IT Services AG merge to become a leading Swiss IT company

06 September 2001

The merger will help Swisscom and AGI IT Services AG to better meet the rapidly changing requirements of the IT market: the move will enable both companies to pool their IT know-how, create operational synergies and to meet the growing demand for IT services, principally in the fields of finance and telecommunications, by means of combined offerings. In addition to solution development, the new company will concentrate in particular on systems integration and outsourcing. In addition to the Swisscom group companies and the AGI shareholders (eight cantonal banks: AI, FR, GL, LU, NW, OW, SG, TG) target customers will include large and medium-sized enterprises. This customer segment in particular is increasingly focusing on its core business and looking to outsource IT and telecommunications infrastructure and operations to reliable external partners.

The merger will enable AGI to strengthen its market position by expanding its customer base and providing easier access to expertise and innovations in e-business and m-business. Swisscom will focus on consolidation in the banking segment and hence the opening up of the market for financial service providers and increasing revenues with a view to becoming market leader. The merger will bring together know-how in the fields of telecommunications, IT and financial services, operational synergies, and the development of customer potential. Swisscom IT Services AG will be present in 18 Swiss towns. Thanks to attractive large-scale projects and related specialist development possibilities the new company will become an outstanding reference partner for expertise in the field of IT in Switzerland. Staff retention and hence the assurance of a technologically innovative driving force are amongst the declared objectives of the merger.


Swisscom ECS unit to become part of Swisscom IT Services

The Swisscom ECS (Electronic Commerce Solutions) unit, which has enjoyed success in the marketplace for several years, will add its solution and customer portfolio to that of Swisscom IT Services. Through a targeted combination of skills and experience in e-business, Swisscom IT Services will become one of the leading suppliers of e-business solutions.


Partnership for leading-edge solutions

The driving force behind this merger is the trend towards increasing convergence in the communications and IT industries. Swisscom IT Services AG will offer its customers leading-edge solutions that, for instance, are already being used in the financial services sector by some of the cantonal banks. The company will also play a leading role in the field of IT centre outsourcing and as a supplier of desktop solutions. Swisscom IT Services AG will offer and continue to develop all IT and communications services that are key success factors in the sales channels and processing centres of the financial services and telecommunications industry.


Objective of Swisscom IT Services AG

Swisscom IT Services AG is looking to generate annual revenues of CHF 900 million with this comprehensive portfolio. Further significant growth in revenues will be aimed at. In addition to the existing customer segments of both partners the target market also comprises the largest companies in Switzerland with their demanding IT requirements and the business customers of the Swisscom group. The fact that the new company can act independently of a specific banking segment and manufacturers is a decisive advantage. Furthermore, partnerships will be set up with specific providers in the IT market.


Key positions

Urs Stahlberger will become the CEO of Swisscom IT Serivces AG. He began his IT career in 1970 at Credit Suisse where he worked until 1997 ultimately as head of software development for the whole of the bank as a member of the senior management. In 1997 he became CEO of AGI IT Services AG.


Executive Board of Swisscom IT Services AG:

 CEO  Urs Stahlberger  
 CFO  Patrick Dudli
 Human Resources  Roger Fistarol
 Strategy & Corporate Development  Beat Grimm
 Account Management & Marketing  Reto Camenisch 
 Banking Solutions  Werner Zimmermann
 Telco Solutions  Beat Jaccottet
 e-Business Solutions  Roman Richiger
 Computing Services  Beat Bütikofer
 Desktop Services  Daniel Signer


An overview of AGI IT Services AG:

Total revenues * CHF 173,0 million
Revenue from external customers CHF 15,6 million
Cash Flow CHF 29,5 million
Income CHF 1,9 million
Employees 460
Locations St. Gallen (HQ), Freiburg, Lucerne, Weinfelden, Zurich
AGI IT Services AG is a co-operative IT company of eight cantonal banks (AI, FR, GL, LU, NW, OW, SG; TG) and belongs to Switzerland´s leading IT service providers for financial services.
* Figures as per 31 December 2000


Overview of IT at Swisscom:

Total revenues* CHF 647,7 million
Revenues from external customers CHF 26,0 million
Employees 1´850
Locations Bern, St.Gallen, Zurich, Lucerne, Fribourg, Basle, Lausanne, Geneva, Thun, Chur, Biel, Rapperswil, Bellinzona, Olten, Siders, Sitten, Neuchatel
The main customers of Swisscom IT are the Swisscom group companies and other Swisscom units.
* Figures as per 31 December 2000 restated


For further information:

Media Relations, Swisscom Ltd
Tel. +41 31 342 91 93

AGI IT Services AG, Reto Camenisch
Tel. +41 71 492 51 79

Bern/St. Gallen, 6 September 2001


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