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Swisscom Mobile launches "Lucky Numbers"

18 October 2001

The level of functionality and user-friendliness for WAP and SMS is such that it should now appeal to a broad general public. As to future possibilities, too little is known at present. "Lucky Numbers" offers mobile customers the chance to acquaint themselves with SMS, WAP and the Internet in a fun manner. With this "multi-channel" approach, players will be able to see how well the new media complement one another and how mobile communications is developing. The mechanism is simple and quickly leads to a sense of achievement. Apart from the usual connection charges for WAP and Internet, participation is free (WAP connection charge for Swisscom Mobile customers: 20 cents a minute, Natel easy customers 40 cents a minute, Internet connection charges depend on the individual provider).

Participants can register via the Swisscom Mobile WAP portal or the Internet at Swisscom Mobile customers can also register via SMS, by sending the message START to the number 5825. As soon as registration has taken place, participants receive a free "number" the next day via SMS and will continue receiving a number every day until such time as they wish to cancel. Participants can check immediately via WAP or the Internet to see whether they have received a "Lucky Number" and, if so, what they have won. If people no longer wish to participate in the draw they must de-register via WAP or the Internet or by sending the message STOP (if they are customers of Swisscom Mobile) to the number 5825. Prizes consist of mobile phones with accessories, combined rail tickets with day pass for Expo02, phone directory on CD and, on five "Lucky Sundays", a SMART. Swisscom Mobile partners in the competition are Ericsson, SBB, directories and SonntagsBlick.

Berne, 18 October 2001


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