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Press release

More than just a phone booth - the new Web payphone from Swisscom

09 October 2001

Starting in October some 50 Web payphones will go into operation in busy public locations in the greater Zurich area: Zurich Airport, Zurich Main Station, Stadelhofen Station, the Limmatplatz branch of Migros, Regensdorf shopping centre, Migros Klubschule in Oerlikon and Waffenplatz in Kloten. By offering Internet access, e-mail and SMS messaging, the Web payphone optimally meets the needs of mobile customers. Swisscom is targeting mobile youngsters, commuters, tourists and business travellers - in other words, customers who have an obvious need to access information, communicate or have time to kill. A wide range of services and content will be offered, including some free of charge:

Accessing the Internet via predefined links (covering topics such as news and weather, business and finance, sport, tabloids, e-cards, etc.) or via Internet addresses entered manually.

Calling up free information such as airport information, tourist information, timetables or information on special events.

Sending and - with the user´s own Webmail account - receiving e-mails.

Sending SMS messages (in Switzerland and abroad).

Making phone calls (supplemented by important information on country codes and tariffs).

Printing out Internet pages, e-mails and games to take away.

Thanks to the touchscreen, the Web payphone is extremely user-friendly. All phones accept the Swisscom Taxcard as well as all major credit cards. Some Web payphones also accept Swiss coins.

With its innovative new Web payphone, Swisscom Fixnet Payphone Services offers a multifunctional information and communications platform and at the same time a new type of advertising medium. The launch by Swisscom Payphone Services of its new Web payphone represents a significant expansion of existing service offerings while adding an interesting new dimension to public communication. Except for those services that are offered free of charge, charges for the Web payphone services are as follows:

Phone calls are charged the same rates as for public payphones. i.e. current Swisscom Fixnet rates plus a basic surcharge of CHF -.50. Internet, e-mail, SMS and entertainment services cost CHF -.50 a minute. To print out a maximum of five A4 pages also costs CHF -.50; entertainment pages can be printed out for free.

Bern, 9 October 2001


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