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Vanity Numbers: Swisscom spells out telephone numbers

19 November 2001

Vanity is telephony´s equivalent of the Internet domain name. Company names, products and terms can all be used as Vanity numbers provided they contain more than five letters. In contrast to Business Numbers (e.g. 0800 870 870) words will be used as numbers in future (e.g. 0800 FLEUROP).

To dial a Vanity number you need a telephone with an alphanumeric keypad. All mobiles and most fixed-network phones are already equipped for VANITY. For each letter the corresponding key has to be pressed once: for the "F" of FLEUROP press the "3" key once, for the "L" press the "5" key etc. FLEUROP therefore corresponds to the number 0800 353 876 7. The figure "7" for the "P" is omitted and is ignored by the telephone exchange. To dial the letters correctly a telephone on which the letters "ABC" begin with the number 2 key is required.

Bern, 19 November 2001


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