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Press release

Tailor-made solutions at Sicherheit '01

07 November 2001

Under the slogan " the protective shell for your security solution" Swisscom will present a large portfolio of solutions in Hall 3, Stand 3.111. The main emphasis will be on alarm transmission, remote siren systems and mobilisation solutions. Swisscom will show its customers how individual solutions work in practice at a number of regular demonstrations.

Raise the alarm in good time with Infranet

The multifunctional Infranet remote control system opens up a whole new range of opportunities for efficient and secure transmission of small volumes of data from numerous sources. It monitors various systems, transmits data packages and contact status reports and raises the alarm at the right moment. Infranet is a Swisscom system available anywhere in Switzerland and is designed for situations where the transmission of alarms or messages must be guaranteed at all times. It has been successfully used for example to transmit fire or intruder alarms to the fire service or police department, to remotely read gas, water and electricity meters, to centrally record and evaluate building alarms, to transmit public payphone data and to control and monitor signalling systems. It can be set up on practically any analogue telephone access and is designed for a large number of users.

SecurityPac - ISDN solution

SecurityPac enables the integration of digital accesses (ISDN) and optical technologies (fibre optic) into existing Infranet designs. This system offers high transmission security and also enables existing infrastructures to be used. Swisscom offers various types of access depending on which security standard is required for the application. In contrast to systems at risk of sabotage the functionality control of technical systems does not require permanent monitoring. The SecurityPac access meets various requirements and can be rented on a monthly basis.

Remote siren systems - maximum security for alarming the general public

Security is increasingly a question of highspeed, high-performance and flexible communications. Federal, cantonal and local authorities who are responsible for alarming the general public in the event of a catastrophe require a system on which they can rely and which is at the cuttingedge of technology. The SFI 457 system is part of a new generation of remote control systems tailored to specific requirements. Thanks to an open system architecture, a modular structure and a range of functions and interfaces many possibilities are available: for example the remotecontrolled triggering of sirens by the civil defence service, power stations, industry or the fire service at local, regional, cantonal or national level. The new KSI 457 control system forms the interface between user and system. The alarm is raised by the click of a mouse. The sirens can be set off individually, or in a particular region or canton. The KSI 457 is connected to one or more VMI 457 distributor modules. The KSI can be used individually or in combination with the KST-NT mobilisation system.

KST®NT mobilisation system

Fires, floods, avalanches, storm damage, attacks: When disaster strikes the rescue services must receive sufficient information quickly and securely. The KST®NT mobilisation system provides an excellent solution. KST® is a tried-and-tested control system that carries out intervention planning ; NT refers to the Windows NT operating system and is testimony therefore to the deployment of new technologies. Together they set new benchmarks in the field of security and are compatible with analogue and digital mobilisation technologies. The system can be set up or modified to meet individual requirements. For example, various mobilisation solutions can be integrated such as SMT®, paging, ISDN, mobile phones, SMS, radio receivers or sirens. In addition to mobilisation, intervention monitoring is also a key function of the system. Teams in action can be monitored so that escalation alarms and repeat alarms can be set off in good time.

Functionality such as mobilisation via Internet, DynGo®- and two-network (double) paging, modified user interface etc. of the new release 4 will be on display at Sicherheit´01. Visitors will be able to see the KST®NT mobilisation system in action at regular product demonstrations and will also find detailed information.

NEW SNA10/200 mobilisation system

The cantonal emergency telephone exchanges have a small number (1-4) of KST-NT control systems for sending alarms to rescue organisations. Serious incidents such as flooding, storms, snow fall with extreme danger of avalanche etc. can cause bottlenecks in the handling of emergency calls. Cantonal systems are therefore locally based to take the burden off emergency telephone exchanges. This means that when a support unit or fire station is manned local organisations can intervene.

The SNA 10/200 mobilisation solution provides technical systems for the fast, reliable situation-specific mobilisation of personnel to ensure these tasks are managed efficiently. Phones, mobiles/SMS, pagers and fax machines can be integrated as mobile solutions. With the SNA10/200 mobilisation system there is complete autonomy for alarms in the case of local incidents as well as escalation alarming in the case of major incidents.

The system is geared to the requirements of small to medium-sized intervention organisations and can easily be adapted to special customer requirements.

Berne, 7 November, 2001


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