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Swisscom welcomes Federal Court decision

07 November 2001

The Federal Court shares the view of Swisscom that leased lines (point-to-point connections, incl. associated services) and transmission media (cable only, without services) do not fall within interconnection. Swisscom is fundamentally opposed to an arbitrary fixing of prices in a competitive marketplace. Swisscom´s current leased-line charges are competitive and in line with the European average. Already today, Swisscom, with its countrywide telecoms infrastructure, faces strong competition from a number of alternative fixed network providers.

Swisscom was appealing against unnecessary regulation in a competitive marketplace. In ComCom´s decision of 2 October 2000, which called for price reductions, reference was made to 1998 prices. In the last three years, however, Swisscom has initiated several price reductions operating in a highly dynamic marketplace.

Berne, 7 November 2001


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