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Changes in the Swisscom Group Management: Ueli Dietiker appointed CFO at Swisscom

20 December 2001

The Swisscom Board of Directors has appointed Ueli Dietiker, who joined Swisscom in autumn 2001, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and deputy to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jens Alder. At the end of March 2002 Ueli Dietiker will replace current CFO Dave Schnell who, as announced in September, will leave Swisscom to work independently. The 48 year-old Dietiker is a chartered accountant and has also undertaken management training in the USA. Ueli Dietiker previously worked for ATAG Ernst & Young, Motor-Columbus and until 2001 as CEO of the Cablecom Group.

As of 1 January 2002 the Swisscom Group Management will focus on core business which will result in the following changes:

The 55 year-old Urs Stahlberger, CEO of Swisscom IT Services Ltd, has been appointed member of the Swisscom Group Management Board. Swisscom IT Services is, as announced on 6 September 2001, the product of a merger between the Swisscom IT department and AGI IT Services AG. The integration of both companies to form a single powerful IT company is running to schedule.

The 45 year-old Werner Steiner, Head of Swisscom Systems, will become a member of the Group Management Board. Swisscom Systems will become an independent Swisscom group company in the course of 2002.

As announced on 5 October 2001, CEO of Bluewin Ltd, Christoph Brand, will become a member of the Swisscom Fixnet Management Board which means that he will leave the Swisscom Group Management Board.

Conextrade AG, the leading e-commerce marketplace, will continue to be an independent company within the Swisscom Group and will become the responsibility of Strategy & Group Steering. Thomas Flatt will continue as CEO of Conextrade, but will no longer be a member of the Group Management Board.

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Bern, 20 December 2001


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