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Schools on the Net, first cantons are linked up

14 December 2001

The Schools on the Net project is running to schedule: the first schools were linked up at the beginning of October; in the canton of Nidwalden 95% of all schools have been connected. A small canton has led the way by promoting education on and via Internet. Many other schools throughout Switzerland will follow the example set by the schools in Nidwalden. Up to now one in ten Swiss schools has registered for free Internet access. Agreements have been made with 18 cantons.

The map of Switzerland puzzle

In relation to the Schools on the Net project Swisscom has organised a puzzle at the Museum for Communication in Bern which is based on a gigantic map of Switzerland. The Director of Education for the canton of Nidwalden, Viktor Furrer, was recently given the first piece of the puzzle in the form of his canton. This piece symbolises the access of his canton to the Internet. A class of schoolchildren will place the piece in the map of Switzerland when they visit the Museum for Communication in Bern in January. As soon as all cantons are connected to the Internet, the completed puzzle will depict the connection of the schools in the individual cantons.

Swisscom invests in access technology, the Confederation in education.

Swisscom was pleased to learn that both National Council and the Council of States approved the Schools on the Net project during the current winter session. This means that the Confederation will now make CHF 100 million available for teacher training. However, had the proposal been turned down the Swisscom project would have gone ahead regardless.

Breathtaking entertainment - "Time Eye" the time-travel game

Further information on the Schools on the Net project can be found on the Internet at . This site is aimed at schoolchildren and makes accessing the Internet fun. With this in mind Swisscom has created a virtual time-travel game called "Time Eye". However, the site focuses on education as well as entertainment. There are prizes to be won for individuals, groups and entire classes.

14 December 2001


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