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Euro now accepted in public payphones and Swisscom shops

04 March 2002

Since the beginning of this year the euro has been the official currency in many European countries. Swisscom recently adopted the new currency for payment in its public payphones and shops.

Of the 10,000 or so public payphones in Switzerland, all those which until now have also accepted Swiss coins (some 1,150 in all) are being retrofitted as from mid February to accept euros. Hitherto payment methods (Taxcard, credit card, Postcard and partly also Swiss coins) will of course continued to be accepted. Payment in euros will not affect operation or functionality of the payphones.

The first payphones to be retrofitted are in the border regions, where widespread use of the euro is expected. Euro-compatible payphones are specially marked as such. The phones are being retrofitted to accept all denominations from Euro 0.10 to Euro 2.00.

Call credit is displayed in Swiss francs, i.e. the amount inserted in euros is converted into Swiss francs. Conversion is based on a fixed exchange rate, to be adjusted in line with exchange rate fluctuations. Users can insert both euros and Swiss francs at the same time. Unused coins are returned at the end of the call in Swiss francs and euros, depending on the coins that were inserted.

The retrofitting of all payphones should be done by the end of July.

Effective immediately Swisscom accepts payment in euros in all Swisscom shops in Switzerland; however, change is given in Swiss francs. Prices will continue to be indicated in Swiss francs.

Berne, 4 March 2002


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