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Swisscom Fixnet launches number portability within the same dialling code area

Bern, 15 April 2002

Swisscom Fixnet is today launching geographical number portability (location number portability, LNP). This means that customers can keep their telephone numbers when moving within the same dialling code area. LNP from Swisscom Fixnet meets an important customer requirement.

, customers will pay a one-off charge for porting numbers within the same dialling code area (e.g. 031...). This varies according to the type of access at the previous location: EconomyLINE (analogue access) costs CHF 45, MultiLINE ISDN (digital access) CHF 90.

For moves within the same exchange, number portability will continue to be free of charge. Number portability is currently not available for PBX systems with direct dial-in numbers. Swisscom Fixnet plans to introduce the portability of direct dial-in for the 4th quarter 2002.

If a customer moves outside a previous dialling code area, he obtains a new number as before. Nationwide portability is not available.

Number portability offers attractive benefits for customers. As part of the "Top Number" offering, numbers can now be selected freely from Swisscom Fixnet from the entire dialling code area. Previously the choice was restricted to the numbers of the exchange area.

When moving, customers now have the following options:

Porting number within the same dialling code area EconomyLINE at old location: one-off charge
CHF 45.-- MultiLINE ISDN at old location: one-off CHF 90.--
Choice of Top Number Select a new number with the same "dialling code" from various categories (e.g. date of birth, wedding day, etc.). Costs: one-off charge from CHF 100 per Top Number.
Number allocation by Swisscom Fixnet Swisscom at random allocates the customer a new number free of charge.

Bern, 15 April 2002


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