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Simple and practical: one number for all SMS services

04 April 2002

Swisscom Mobile is increasing transparency: effective immediately, customers only need dial a single number to access the broad range of information offered by SMS services. Just by dialling *139#, Swisscom Mobile customers can scroll through a menu and access the SMS service of their choice.

Gone are the days of having to note down lots of different key words and numbers. With SMS Connect, Swisscom Mobile is the first network operator in Switzerland to offer a solution that gives customers an up-to-date overview of all available SMS services. Whether news, share prices, sports results, weather forecasts, traffic reports or horoscopes, from now on Swisscom Mobile customers need only dial *139#. It´s all very easy: the customer simply enters *139# on their mobile in the same way as a telephone number and presses the call button. The phone will then display the SMS Connect menu. The customer enters the number for the relevant submenu and confirms. In this way, the customer scrolls through the menu until he reaches the desired level.

The menus of SMS Services can be navigated free of charge. Swisscom Mobile customers pay only for the information itself. The price is indicated at the menu level where information can be accessed. Customers can also subscribe to the service at this point. All information is sent by SMS.
SMS Connect is available in German, French and Italian, with initial access in German.

Further information on SMS Connect is available at under "SMS Services" /"SMS Connect".

Berne, 4 April 2002


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