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The World Cup on your mobile

29 May 2002

The following data services will be available in German, French and Italian:

The 164 results service provides all the latest results from World Cup matches. Subscribe by sending START WM to the number 164. To cancel the service, send STOP WM to 164. To receive information on a certain team, send START and the name of the country, e.g. START FRANCE to the number 164. To cancel the service send STOP FRANCE to 164. Each SMS sent costs CHF 0.50.

Inside is a data service providing off-the-field gen on the World Cup. To subscribe send START INSIDE to number 400 and to un-subscribe STOP INSIDE to 400. Each SMS sent costs CHF 0.50.

Trivial Pursuit Football 2002 is an SMS quiz. You have to answer one question on each of six topics about world football as quickly as possible. Send an SMS with TP NICKNAME (e.g. TP PELE) to 887 and the first question will be sent to you by SMS. Choose between answers A, B and C. If you get the answer right, you receive a question on another topic. If you give the wrong answer, you are sent further questions on the same topic until you get one right. At the end of the quiz an entry is made in the all-time best list. All commands and information can be found at Each SMS sent costs CHF 0.50.

Football fan chat : "gomobile", the Swisscom Mobile portal, features three World Cup chat rooms in "Community" under "World Cup 02" in German, French and Italian. There is also a pinboard where messages can be left. To visit the portal, you need a WAP-enabled mobile. Costs: standard call charges or CHF 0.19/10 KB if using GPRS.


Exclusively in German:

Live chatting on Teletext : with SMS Chat TXT the messages of chat participants appear on the teletext of SF DRS 2, providing a good opportunity to make a personal comment on the progress of the World Cup. In celebrity chat you can exchange views with players and coaches from Swiss football. To find out how SMS Chat TXT works and when the stars are chatting, take a look at page 880 on SF DRS 2 teletext.

In conjunction with Sat.1 Switzerland, Swisscom Mobile is offering two further SMS services in German: an information service on match results and important developments (ran alarm) and a football quiz - where prizes such as latest-generation mobiles, Natel® easy cards worth CHF 120 and original World Cup footballs can be won. Information on these SMS services can be found at

Berne, 29 May 2002


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