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Expo.02: important Swisscom information services

10 May 2002

Using the fixed network and your mobile phone, find out where the shortest queues are, send a videocard via mobile phone to an e-mail address and play on the giant screen at the Swisscom "Empire of Silence" pavilion in Biel: Swisscom will provide a range of information services at Expo.02 on all arteplages.

At which pavilions are there long queues? What is going on at the arteplage in Neuchâtel today? From 15 May Swisscom Mobile will provide an information service for Expo.02 via SMS and WAP, subdivided according to arteplage and available in German and French. The SMS service includes information on waiting times and programme changes. It is available on a subscription and pay-as-you-go basis. To subscribe to the service, send START and the relevant keyword, e.g. START BIEL, to the number 2002. The key words for the other arteplages are MURTEN, NEUENBURG and YVERDON D: To cancel the subscription send STOP and the keyword to the number 2002. Each SMS received costs CHF 0.30.

The WAP service provides comprehensive information on the national exhibition: opening times, news on the exhibitions, events and transport. The WAP service can be accessed via "", the mobile portal of Swisscom Mobile. The usual call charges apply, with GPRS the effective amount of data transmitted is charged for (GPRS will be free of charge in May).

Swisscom Fixnet information services

Swisscom, in co-operation with Viasuisse, will provide the latest road and rail travel news and information on transport between the arteplages on 0900 400 500 (basic charge of CHF 0.50 plus CHF 0.50 per minute). The system is voice operated.

Videocard to an e-mail address

Special Swisscom Mobile terminals are available at all arteplages. Visitors can film themselves here. The person is "cut out" of the film and put onto a background of their choice - there are six to choose from. As an exclusive service, this short film can then be sent as a Videocard by SMS via the NATEL ® network to any e-mail address. The service costs the same as sending an SMS.

"Break the Silence" game

Finally, there's a game for mobile phone owners to play on the large screen in the billboard in front of the Swisscom "Empire of Silence" pavilion at the arteplage in Biel. Ten players fight against the empire simultaneously. The mobile phone keypad is used as a control panel.
Berne, 10 May 2002


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