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Press release

New NATEL® corporate subscriptions for business customers

01 May 2002

From 1 May 2002 Swisscom Mobile will offer business customers even more attractive terms and conditions. The new NATEL® corporate subscriptions will allow businesses to cost-effectively equip their entire workforce with mobile phones. The basic charges for the individual mobile accesses depend on the number of accesses and hence the size of the company.

From 1 May 2002, companies with more than five NATEL® accesses will be able to call for as little as CHF 0.18 a minute - round the clock! In addition to optimum price-performance, customers will benefit from the modular structure of the new subscription family. NATEL® corporate serves not only to complement the highly successful Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) product but provides an ideal basis for selected services, above all in the field of mobile data communication. The latter meets the needs of business customers who use the NATEL® network for conventional voice telephony and, increasingly, data applications via SMS, WAP, HSCSD or GPRS. By meeting these requirements, NATEL® corporate will provide a platform for all existing as well as future business customer solutions (e.g. B. WLAN). NATEL® Corporate customers will also profit from Swisscom Mobile's customised loyalty programmes. The new NATEL® corporate subscriptions can be obtained through Swisscom Mobile's customer advisers or by calling Swisscom Mobile's business hotline (0800 88 99 11)


Monthly basic charges according to number of accesses

Number of accesses NATEL ®
corporate basic
corporate standard
corporate plus
corporate executive
  Per subscription
in CHF
Per subscription
in CHF
Per subscription
in CHF
Per subscription
in CHF
5-19  15.00  20.00 42.00 72.00
20-49 15.00 19.00 40.00 70.00
50-249 14.00 18.00 38.00 68.00
250-499 14.00 17.00 36.00 66.00
>500 13.00 16.00 34.00 64.00


Overview of call charges (calls on Swisscom networks)

Abonnement Standard rate CHF/min. Off-peak rate
Night-time/weekend rate CHF/min.
NATEL ® corporate basic (incl. 15 minutes talktime) 0.70 0.70 0.70
NATEL® corporate standard 0.59 0.40 0.20
NATEL® corporate plus 0.40 0.30 0.20
NATEL® corporate executive 0.18 0.18 0.18

Standard rate: Mon.-Fri. 07.00-19.00 hours; Off-peak rate: Mon.-Fri. 19.00-22.00 hours and 06.00-07.00 hours;
Night-time/weekend rate: all other times

Berne, 1 May 2002


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