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Swisscom to be main partner of the Swiss National Park Foundation

28 June 2002

As part of the Zernez national park festival, Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger, President of the Swiss National Park Commission Andrea Hämmerle and Swisscom CEO Jens Alder will this evening unveil the project for the new information centre to the media.

Swisscom will be providing materials and services to support the National Park over the four-year duration of the contract. This will enable the National Park to establish a new visitor?s information centre at Schloss Planta-Wildenberg in Zernez. In addition, the communication links of the park attendants with the exchange are to be fully modernised.

"Our partnership with the National Park underlines the commitment and respect of our company towards nature, outlying regions and quality of life in Switzerland," says Jens Alder, CEO of the Swisscom Group. Indeed, Swisscom has for some years shown a strong commitment to the environment. Swisscom was the first telecom operator in Europe with an ISO 14001 environment certificate (1998). Thanks to its environmental performance, Swisscom always scores well in international environment ratings and is represented in around 15 ecological funds.

Andrea Hämmerle: "I am pleased that Swisscom and the Swiss National Park are entering into a sustained partnership - the leading national telecommunications provider and the only national park in Switzerland. By providing a financial contribution and innovative products and services, Swisscom will enable the national park to add a modern information centre to this unique conservation area."

Alongside company-internal environment management measures, Swisscom also supports external institutions and projects making a constructive and efficient contribution towards the environment - the SMARAGD project of the WWF , the purchase of certified eco-energy from the small hydro-electric power station at Aarberg and the wind power station of Juvent SA .

Bern, 28 June 2002


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