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Press release

Effective immediately: new location-based services from Swisscom Mobile

06 August 2002

The City Map prepares map sections showing the current location of the mobile phone user. They are based on location data provided by the mobile network and cartographical data. To provide more precise information on the location, the user receives a list of streets from which he can click on the relevant one, adding the house number as well if he wishes. The map sections and the scale can be altered. The maps can be displayed in black and white or colour and optimised for the respective mobile screen.

The Route Planner provides a detailed description of how to get from A to B, by car or on foot. The starting address and destination address can be freely determined. If the user selects his current location as the starting point, the data can be entered the same way as with the City Map, using the positioning data. The whole route can be called up in the form of an overview map, with a dynamically updated view of the route also provided for each section of the route.

The City Map and Route Planner can be found on "gomobile", the mobile portal of Swisscom Mobile, under "Channels" and "Travel and Traffic". Cost: CHF 0.30 to display the map, including zooming and dragging, and CHF 0.40 to work out and display a route.

The City Map and Route Planner are now also integrated in the ETV® electronic telephone directory: if required, called-up addresses can be transferred to the City Map and displayed there in an overview map or used in the Route Planner as a destination address. ETV® can be called up at gomobile under "Channels", then "Directories". Cost: CHF 0.50 for provision of a full address or calling up a phone number; cost for the map display and route description the same as for City Map and Route Planner.

The Community Service friendZone offers the possibility of using positioning information to provide the approximate location of other persons, albeit subject to their prior consent. Persons who use the service via WAP can also have the locations displayed in the form of a map. friendZone can be found at gomobile under "Community". Cost: CHF 0.20 for use of the "find" command; use of other friendZone commands according to the Price List, cost of displaying the map the same as for City Map.

City Map, Route Planner, ETV® and friendZone are provided in English, German, French and Italian and are available exclusively to Swisscom Mobile customers. In addition to the aforementioned costs, all of these services are subject to the usual WAP connection charges and if using GPRS the data transfer charges (max. CHF 0.19/KB).

With location-based services, the location is determined via the mobile phone such that each time the phone is activated it establishes contact with the base station with the strongest reception. The smaller the cell of the base station, the more exact will be the location. In built-up areas the size of the cells is generally a few hundred metres while in rural areas they can measure several kilometres. Swisscom Mobile has developed a platform specifically for location-based services, with the positioning data evaluated and prepared according to uniform criteria and within the framework of the Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection.

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