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Swisscom Fixnet to reduce cost of international calls

06 September 2002

Swisscom Fixnet will cut charges for calls to 50 countries from 1 October. In some countries, the reductions are as much as 64%. in the case of some countries. On average customers will be able to call for twice as long for the same price as before.

For example, the weekend tariff for Japan, Taiwan, Israel and South Korea is now 20 centimes per minute (previously 50 centimes/min), for Costa Rica, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic it's 50 centimes a minute (previously CHF 1.40/min) and also 50 centimes a minute (previously CHF 1.00/min.) for Brazil, Morocco and South Africa.

Call quality is still first class - interference, echoes, line failure and slow call set-up are no longer an issue. Swisscom Fixnet's new tariffs for 50 countries are extremely competitive and aim to add momentum to growth in international telephone traffic. Swisscom Fixnet does not make a call set-up charge.

A 40 (previously 30) centimes per minute surcharge is made on calls from the national fixed network to foreign mobile networks in the case of 24 countries for cost reasons.

From country group 1:
Germany, France, UK, Italy, Liechtenstein and Austria

From country group 2:
Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Luxemburg, Monaco, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan.

All charges apply as of 1 October 2002 incl. VAT. Charges are based on 10 centime incremental units. Swisscom does not make call set-up charges.


International tariff overview:

Bern, 06 September 2002


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