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Swisscom Enterprise Solutions Ltd takes 49.9% stake in Unit.Net AG

02 September 2002

Swisscom Enterprise Solutions Ltd takes 49.9% stake in Unit.Net AG

The market for audio/video streaming has enormous development potential in the fields of internal and external communication and eLearning applications. Unit.Net is the biggest provider in Switzerland and has leading market positions in Germany, the UK and Spain where it also has sales outlets. The Unit.Net product portfolio optimally compliments the current Swisscom Enterprise Solutions range.

Unit.Net will continue to operate as an independent entity. The current management will develop the business as a strategic partner of Swisscom Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Unit.Net will continue to provide services throughout Europe. Swisscom Enterprise Solutions has purposely taken a minority to underline the independence and innovative strength of Unit.Net. In addition to the shareholding, a commercial agreement has been reached on the mutual marketing of products.

"We are looking to increase our flexibility and speed in terms of time to market through strategic partnerships and shareholdings," said Hanspeter Quadri, CEO of Swisscom Enterprise Solutions Ltd., "in so doing, we create additional potential to open up new growth markets and to incorporate additional customer solutions into the portfolio.""Online corporate communication using streaming technology will become as commonplace as e-mail within a few years," remarked Dr. Erk Thorsten Heyen, CEO of Unit.Net AG, "Swisscom's decision to take a holding underlines this trend."

Berne, 2 September 2002

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