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Swisscom Fixnet lodges appeal against OFCOM supervisory measures

14 November 2002

According to an administrative decision by the Federal Office for Communications (OFCOM), Swisscom Fixnet is alleged to have unlawfully utilised data obtained through interconnection relationships with other providers for its marketing activities and for controlling bundled services, and is thereby in violation of the telecommunications law.

Swisscom Fixnet denies this and repudiates the allegations. The data in question constitute information obtained from existing or dissolved contractual relations with Swisscom Fixnet customers. They were acquired from Swisscom's contract management operations and not from its activities as an interconnection provider. Swisscom's competitors also have access to this information through their customer relationships as well as through an information service (supplementary services) which Swisscom Fixnet makes available to them.

Swisscom Fixnet intends to lodge an appeal against the OFCOM decision with the Appeals Commission of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).

Berne, 14 November 2002


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