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Press release

Ongoing ADSL boom in Switzerland

23 December 2002

In the months of November and December, Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale dealt with a siege of orders for ADSL broadband Internet access. The ambitious targets were considerably exceeded. The high demand for ADSL has led to some partial delays in supply. Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale is undertaking everything it can to remove supply bottlenecks and is expecting a continuation of the ADSL boom in 2003.

ADSL orders increased sharply in the last quarter of 2002 in particular. ADSL is also becoming more and more popular with SMEs. Christoph Brand, Head of Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale states: "Compared to other Internet access technologies, ADSL offers five advantages: Speed, availability, ease of application, reliability and security." In the autumn of 2002 Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale carved out a new offering for business customers in addition to the ADSL offering to date.

The sharp growth in demand for ADSL is affecting the whole of Europe. For this reason, supply bottlenecks have been cropping up from time to time at the technology partners and suppliers of Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale. Christoph Brand stresses: "We're doing all we can to minimize delays in supply."

The rapid advance of ADSL is a result of both the technological advantages and wide coverage.Connectivity is currently available for 95% of the Swiss population. Customers can check whether their accesses are ADSL-compatible at .

Berne, 23 December 2002


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