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Press release

Swisscom Fixnet announces new prices

02 December 2002

Effective 1 January 2003 Swisscom Fixnet will reduce the line activation fee for MultiLINE ISDN from CHF 170.20 to CHF 43.00. At the same time it will levy a line activation fee of CHF 43.00 for EconomyLINE. The new prices are the result of a revision in the Ordinance on Telecommunications Services dated 31 October 2001 and will come into effect on 1 January 2003.

The new ruling sets a general upper limit for line activation fees of CHF 40.00 and CHF 43.00 respectively (including VAT). The change only affects the fixed-network lines that are listed in the basic service provision agreement, namely EconomyLINE (analogue line) and MultiLINE ISDN (ISDN line), and will not have any impact on the monthly charges for fixed lines.

Swisscom Fixnet is using the new ruling in order to create a more transparent cost structure for its telephone lines. In future, EconomyLINE and MultiLINE ISDN will both incur the same activation fee of CHF 43.00.

MultiLINE ISDN price reduction:

The line activation fee for each new MultiLINE ISDN will in future cost CHF 43.00 instead of CHF 170.20.
If a subscriber moves, each line activation will cost CHF 43.00 instead of CHF 90.00.
Subscribers who switch from EconomyLINE to MultiLINE ISDN will pay an activation fee of CHF 43.00 instead of CHF 170.20.

New price for EconomyLINE:

The line activation fee for each new EconomyLINE and each time a subscriber moves will in future cost CHF 43.00.
All prices given are inclusive of VAT.

For further details, visit or call 0800 800 800.
Berne, 2 December 2002


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Media Relations
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